About Me

Hi guys! My name is Jenna. I’m in my final year of BSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology. I absolutely love my programme and would recommend it to anyone. I have always had a weird fascination with crime and it’s really interesting to learn why crime occurs from a societal and psychological point of view.

I really never thought I would make it this far, let alone get to the final year of my degree. After making quite a few mistakes along the way, I was blessed by amazing lecturers at college who pushed me to reach my potential. The University of Greenwich was always my first choice and I feel so lucky to be a student here, let alone less than a year away from achieving my goal!

Other than crime, I’m really interested in films and music and I always have an opinion on what’s going on in the media. After this degree I really want to go into teaching so I can hopefully inspire teenagers in the way I was to follow their dreams :)

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